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Solomon Wright Public Library

George M & Helen Norwood Thompson Renner Any one who knew this couple would agree they were extremely generous with their time, resources and love when it came to their “Home Town” of Pownal. Surprisingly neither were born here. George was born in Rochester NY on March 27, 1916. Helen in Williamstown MA on October 24, 1915. Helen came to Pownal at an early age to live on her mother’s family farm while George came here after he and Helen married. They had met in Syracuse NY when both were attending school. She got a degree in Arts & Library Science, George was a graduate of the NY State School of Forestry. They married April 17, 1943 at the Selman Army Air Force base in Monroe LA where George was stationed. I could continue with their history but I want to get to why they are my choice for a family that made Pownal the Home Town we wanted to adopt as our Home Town. Helen and George made Pownal a better place. They were instrumental in Pownal getting a Fire House, a Library, and a place for the Rescue Squad along with supporting many Pownal groups and organizations. Helen was the first President of the Pownal Historical Society and loved to share her memories of being a child on the Pownal farm with lots pets - horses, chickens and of course beautiful Collies. She worked at the Post Office, was a reporter for the North Adams Transcript, was the Town Clerk, the Librarian at the Solomon Wright Library and was well known for driving her small truck around to local stores to collect food for the Pownal Food Pantry. George was active with the Boy Scouts, the fire department, the coordinator of the AARP Tax Aid to the Elderly and on the Library Board. There wasn't a day that they didn't do something to help the people of Pownal. They were always there with open arms for the children of Pownal. Their farm was the place to go for the young folks. Helen and George had a strong faith that guided them through their lives. Just spending time with them made one feel uplifted. They gave their all to the Town of Pownal and its people. They helped make Pownal the Town that made our family feel at home when we moved here over 50 years ago. I pray that each of us are making Pownal a little better, a little more welcoming, a little more beautiful. After all Pownal is our “Home Town”. ... See MoreSee Less

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George taught me the polka at the old S. Pownal Firehouse and Helen was my very first boss at the library when it was in the basement of the Baptist Church! Great pair who gave much to the town and all the kids who lived there...

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Solomon Wright Public Library

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Solomon Wright Public Library

Gov. Scott Names New State Librarian
By Staff | on April 04, 2019

Governor Phil Scott announced the appointment of Jason Broughton as Vermont state librarian, effective April 1. Broughton will lead the Department of Libraries within the Agency of Administration and will be the first African-American to serve as Vermont state librarian.

Broughton came to Vermont with extensive experience in library services with a focus on creating and nurturing a lifelong love of knowledge. He served as assistant state librarian, supervising library staff consultants who provide training and assistance to community libraries, as well as staff of the Audio, Braille, Large Print and E-Book (ABLE) Library. He has served as the interim Vermont state librarian since August 2018.

“Since joining the Vermont Department of Libraries, Jason has worked diligently to initiate and carry out strategic planning for the Department, including the establishment of a long-term vision for the State Library and its programs that meet the challenge of the rapidly changing environment of digital media,” said Secretary of Administration Susanne Young.

“Jason will lead our library, through its programs and staffing, so it reflects established and newly evolving library technologies, programs and procedures, as well as lead change to ensure that the State Library continues to provide innovative, user-driven library resources and services over time.”

For nearly a decade, Broughton held various library roles, including workforce development trainer and outreach coordinator at the South Carolina State Library; and director of Library Support Services, assistant director of Public Service and interim librarian at the Live Oaks Public Library in Savannah, Ga. Prior to his library career, he spent over a decade as an educator.

“Vermont and its libraries are fortunate to have a talented professional like Jason leading the Department and supporting community libraries in their important and evolving role as community centers,” said Governor Scott.

“Jason has reintroduced many of us to our local libraries during my ‘Capitol for a Day’ events, and I thank him for his knowledge and enthusiasm as we promote the role of libraries in Vermonters’ everyday lives.”

Broughton earned his M.S. in library and information science from the University of South Carolina, a M.S. in public administration from the University of South Florida and a B.S. in biology from Florida A&M University.

“I am honored to serve as Vermont’s next state librarian,” said Broughton. “Libraries across Vermont are doing amazing work that is forward thinking and community engaged. I believe libraries can play an important role in helping Vermonters access portals to the world’s knowledge and information for leisure, labor, literacy and the love of reading,” Broughton added.

Libraries play an integral role in helping Vermonters thrive in today’s workforce. Job seekers continue to come to the library for resources and support, and libraries continually work to find new ways to respond to this essential community need.

Workforce literacy impacts a variety of patrons, including small businesses looking to grow, young first-time job seekers, military personnel and veterans, those looking to re-enter the workforce, and older adults seeking new skills to stay in the workforce.

Governor Scott and Commissioner Broughton will continue to evolve the services libraries provide to support workforce development.
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