New magazine subscriptions:

1. Walloomsack Review published by the Bennington Museum. First Volume was published October 2008.
Articles inspired by the rich collection(s) of the Bennington Museum and the research into those collections. Browse  and read them in our Lucy Wright Case Reading Room. Lots of local history with illustrations and things to learn in every issue!

2. CLICK  for kids! 
Magazine for children ages 3-8.

3. Cobblestone-History
Magazine for children ages 9-15

4. Cricket for kids!
Magazine for children ages 9-14.

The library has approximately 20 magazine subscriptions which can be borrowed or articles copied. If you would like to give a subscription to a magazine to the library check with the librarian for the procedure.

The Rutland Herald and the Times Argus can be read for free online on the computers at the library: set up your account after going to!  Good Vermont news sources!